Using Corimer mosquito bio-gel

Use Corimer mosquito bio-gel to break the mosquito reproductive cycles and prevent the emergence of mosquitos in their adult form. Corimer mosquito bio-gel is eco-friendly and easy-to-use.

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Corimer mosquito bio-gel does this by forming a plastic film on the surface of the water which prevents the mosquitos from laying eggs onto the body of water and prevents the emergence of immature forms into adult mosquitos.

A) A thin film on the water surface will be formed within seconds. Leave the film in the water. To maximize efficacy, make sure that the entire water surface is covered by the Corimer film. Re-apply Corimer as needed to fill up any openings, holes or leaks. Spray Corimer gel left to right, up and down to make entire water surface is covered.

B) Immature mosquito forms are usually unable to anchor themselves on the water surface to breathe in the presence of the film. They normally do not survive more than 24 hours.

C) In case there are new young larvae appearing, re-apply Corimer and make sure to seal any open spaces or leaks on the film.

D) The film may shrink after few hours or it may drift, re-apply Corimer to seal any water openings.

E) The film can stay on the water surface until it is removed and discarded.

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1) Apply Corimer to large, stagnant and shallow water surfaces less than 24 to 36  inches in depth. Again, look for incomplete film formation and re-apply as needed. Repeat procedure daily until there are no live larvae or pupa on water samples.

2) If there are live larvae or pupa after 24 hours of application, or if there are leaks or water openings, re-apply Corimer. Repeat procedure until there are no live larvae on water samples.

Bulk orders of Corimer mosquito bio-gel and larger mist sprayers can be purchased. 

Please call for bulk order and larger mist sprayer inquiries:  +1 (773) 808-9874


Research data:

In vivo control studies, approximately 25% of live larvae and pupa will die in 15 minutes, 80-90s % will die in 60 minutes. 100% will die in 24 hours. Results during outdoor use may vary and are not guaranteed.


Places to use Corimer mosquito bio-gel:

Mosquito population flourish usually around the nearby backyard, in places and containers where there is stagnant and shallow water.

Small water surface where mosquitos lay eggs. Mosquito eggs can survive without water over one year. Use in places or holes where water comes and goes.

Plants and leaves suspected to have mosquitos eggs.

Water surfaces with overgrowth algae.

Containers with stagnant water (flower pots and pans).

Dead water holes and ponds.

Sewer drains and toilets where there is underground stagnant and uncirculated water (prevents flying bugs, odors and splashes).

For uncirculated water on the streets or in public places.